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Added November 17th, 2015


Diamond Mine on Mars

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Univ. of Arizona/HiRise


The first three images are Mars. The next two image examples are Earth mines.

There is no doubt that based on current science there is no possibility

that this is a mine on Mars. However the visual comparison is profound.

Image Links to Mars Image Above:


Direct Link to Mars Image I am using. The terraced mine is at the bottom of the image.


Here is a broader image of the area surrounding the Martian diamond mine:


There are many areas on Mars with absolutely amazing geometry and terracing.

On Earth, these areas are reminiscent of manmade landscapes like rice paddys and mines.

On Mars, we speculate these structures were created by natural erosion.

But even in the most amazing displays of natural terracing on Earth, such as in the Grand Canyon,

we rarely see such symmetrical and haunting examples of terracing as we do on Mars...


Click the following image to see more examples of Martian terracing:


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