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The Martian Outposts: Mars Civilization Evidence #20581

Thank you to USGS/NASA/JPL for the following image from the 1975 Viking Mars Mission.

Link to: Explore Mars

The area of interest is in the very bottom right of this huge NASA image.

Here is a closeup.

The buried "Ninja Star Inn" at the top left, and the "Martian Hotel" at the bottom right stand out immediately.

Ninja Star Inn.

Martian Hotel.

The Ninja Star Inn's artificial looking structure reminds me of the famous "Airport Terminal" image from the Mars Mariner Mission.

Here is a great link (working as of Jan 1st 2009) to information on the Airport Terminal.

Below is an image of the Airport from the Mariner mission.

Other Mars watchers have described the location of the terminal anomaly as a very desolate region of Mars.

Here is a comparison between "The Airport Terminal" with "Ninja Star Inn.".

The link posted above also points out a more modern NASA image, which is similiar in its

anomalous geometric design to The Airport Terminal and Ninja Star Inn.

Natural geology or alien architecture?

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