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Geometry of Mars

Nasa image PSP_005341_2040_RED_NOMAP_browse offers a plethora of geometric Martian anomalies.


Below are 3 examples examples from the c.2009 image.

Please check the HiRise image out for yourself though. It is one of the more amazing images I have run across.


Example of geometry on Mars #1) Numerous right angles

The above four images of the same small area show right angles whose size and organization

defy the notion that they are cracks in the surface or dust devil trails.

Below are two large images of the area the above close-up is taken from.


Example of geometry on Mars #2) Rectangle

Below are two enhanced images of the area that the rectangle comes from.


Example of geometry on Mars #3) Huge grid in chaotic area

What kind of geologic mechanism produces massive grids?

The above examples of geometry on Mars barely scrape the surface of the image in question.

From the same image comes the following geometric anomaly: The Martian Triangle Geoglyph


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