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The Martian Tablet: Civilization Ruin Evidence #89873

Original grey scale image from USGS NASA/JPL 1975 Viking mission.

Thanks to NASA/MALIN/USGS for use of these original Mars images.

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You can find this image at: http://www.mapaplanet.org/explorer/mars.html

Image Statistics for Image:
Image size = 2048 rows by 2104 columns.

Resolution = 256.0000 pixels per degree (true at the equator).
Scale = 0.2314 kilometers per pixel (true at the equator).

Projection = sinusoidal.
Stretch = auto.

Top Latitude = 27.5 degrees north.
Bottom Latitude = 19.5 degrees north.

Left Longitude = 179.9 degrees west.
Right Longitude = 171.1 degrees west