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The Mars Crater that Wasn't: Mars Civilization Evidence #111-a

Original image from NASA/JPL/Malin Space Science Systems: DUNES IN KAISER CRATER

The anomaly is in the middle far left of the image above. Image is grey scale and equalized from the ESA original.

Here is a closeup of the crater.

It is amazing how much "chaos" surrounds this crater and yet there is virtually no chaos in the crater.

It appears incredibly smooth and ovoid. Perhaps, looking at the shadows, it is actually a dome?

Here is the "crater" rotated and brightened.

Look at the geometric patterns that surround the outside of what must certainly be a Martian dome.

The straight lines that encompass the structure are very unnatural.

Here is the image brightened dramatically to try and show more detail.

The next image is inverted.

Here is one more anomaly from the ESA image.

It appears there is something large and oval buried under a thickening crust of rock and sand.

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